Tattoos, Sex, and Metal with Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld puts all other “rock stars” to shame. He not only looks the part, with his impressive tattoo collection, but he lives the part everyday. He has left a permanent mark on the hardcore metal scene, having sold more than 5 million albums with his band Biohazard. His success story doesn’t end with music, as he also boasts impressive success in the porn industry, on both the performance and management end. We recently had the chance to talk to Evan and get the inside scoop on the upcoming Biohazard album and his insane collection of body art.

“ I’m not the best, but im better than you!!!
—Evan Seinfeld

You have an impressive body art collection. How did you get started with it? How old were you and how long did it take you to build up your collection?
I was 17 and got a tiny Biohazard tattoo on my shoulder. The rest is history.

I read that you’ve been tattooed by some pretty well known artist, including Paul Booth here in New York. How much of your collection was done here in New York and who are some your favorite artists here?
Mike Perfetto, aka Mikey Tattoos aka Michaelangelo from Brooklyn did most of my older tats, Paul Booth and others. Lately I’ve been getting tattooed by Fernie Andrade from Inkslingers in L.A. Mario Barth is gonna tattoo me next time in NYC.
Do you have a spot on your body and a design in mind for Mario Barth? There can’t be too many spots on your body left to choose from.
Mario is a great friend of mine, ill let him choose a spot.
I’d love to get tattooed by Mike Perfetto. What an incredible artist. Which of your older pieces were done by Mike, and which by Paul Booth?
Mike did most of my sleeves above the elbows. Paul did my whole stomach, demon and angel and my left hand, which is a big demon face!

Do you have a piece or a few pieces that have the most meaning to you?
Many, my son’s name on my neck, the portrait of Lupe on my ribs and a few small tats from around the world that remind me of my life travels.
Awesome! What was Lupe’s reaction to you getting her portrait tattooed on your ribs?
She was so happy she cried.

With so many tattoos, any where you thought ‘well that was a mistake…’?
Yes, I have a ton of cover ups, just like life, we make mistakes, do the best to fix them and learn from them. I actually love the stories. Like, I had an ex girlfriends name here. She turned out to be a psycho bitch, so I covered it with this demon head!!!
Thats Hysterical!

In general what are your favorite styles of tattoos?
I love black and grey fine line tattoos, Japanese body suits and South Pacific tribal tattooing.
And what about on women?
On girls, I just like something tiny like a star or something. I’m not into tattooed girls per se. I know that sounds kinda hypocritical, but I think tattoos are very masculine. I like girls really feminine and natural looking. Don’t get me wrong, I bang a lot of tattooed chicks because a lot of them are super cool, but I would more be attracted if they weren’t tattooed. My chick has one tiny tat. It says in lucky in Chinese. She got it when she was 13. HOT!

A lot of fans tattoo lyrics or favorite band logos. How often have fans shared there shrines with you and how do you react?
So many Biohazard fans have tats from Biohazard logos to portraits of the band and even our autographs, song and album titles. Mad respect to the true fans. We love you!

Since you are from New York, but no longer live here, what are some things you miss about New York and what places do you like to hit up when you come here?
I miss the Italian food, pizza and some of my friends. A little bit of what once was organic nightlife. You can literally keep the rest of it.
Interesting. How would you say it changed? What were some of the places you use to either like to go to or your favorite venues to play?
NYC nightlife when I was a kid was concerts at the old CBGBs, Ritz, Marquee, Pyramid, etc. Clubs like Mars, Pangea, 428, Palladium, Moomba. Now my favorite places in NY are Marquee, Tao, and Lavo. I like terminal 5, I hope biohazard plays there soon
It would be awesome to see you guys play there.

How do you balance being a rock star in several bands with wearing many hats in the adult entertainment industry?
I drink a lot of caffeine and never sleep. It’s late now and I’m still working. I love to be busy. It feeds my soul.

You seem to have so many impressive and exciting things going on, so what’s a typical day in the life of Evan Seinfeld like?
A lot of hustling, music, porn, business, balanced with some life, love, sex, party. I am very blessed, really into my hobbies, collecting low black cars and riding my chopper! Putting on events and spending a lot of time with Lupe, my love!!

What can Biohazard fans expect from the new studio album that’s being released this spring and what has the writing and recording process been like?
The new Biohazard album is my favorite of all time, super heavy, super melodic, super metallic, yet with the hardcore spirit. The process was long and grueling but the end result is amazing.

I see Biohazard is scheduled to play at the 4th annual MUSINK tattoo convention and Music Festival. Clearly tattoos and rock stars go well together, so that’s a great concept. How did you guys get hooked up with that gig and have you gone to any of the events before?
I love tattoo lifestyle and rock and roll events. I host a big tattoo convention, the biggest tattoo show on earth every year in Las Vegas. They asked us. We were one of the first heavily tattooed bands years ago.

I love that your other band, The Sypderz was described as a better version of STP with balls. What can we expect from that band for 2011?
It’s funny. I also just finished that album too, figuring out who will be the best label to release this…

Having toured the world, and played thousands of shows, you must have some great rock n roll stories. Care to share any of the most outrageous?
Lots of sweat, blood and semen. It’s all about leaving your bodily fluids in as many places in this Earth as possible.

Photo credit: Scott Church

It was great talking with Evan. For more of Evan and his projects, check out, and of course Also don’t forget to follow Evan on Twitter @EvanSeinfeldXXX

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