Renowned Portrait Photographer Vincent Skeltis

Working primarily as a photographer living in Williamsburg, Vincent Skeltis‘s photographic pieces have been featured in numerous publications. His work extends beyond photography, and he includes both writing and canvas art in his creative toolbox. He has collaborated with artists of international notoriety including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eva Mendes, and Heidi Klum.

Most of Vincent’s photographic work and overwhelming expertise lends itself to images shot in a portrait style. His commercial success speaks for itself, however he maintains a strong artistic connection especially with personal projects. Vincent masters the focus of his pieces exquisitely; the eye of the observer is instantly under the artist’s control. Although a subject’s body art may be featured, Skeltis captures only her soul.

New York Body Art‘s piece on photographer Chris Ewers features Vincent making a cameo appearance lighting up in a previously unreleased photo.

Be sure to head over to the official site of Vincent Skeltis to read his blog and check out some of his other work.

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