NYBodyArt(New York Body Art) is the premiere, and as far as we know, only website focusing on, but not limited to tattoo culture in New York. We feature articles and interviews with the best tattoo artists and shops as well as content related to tattoo culture. NYBodyArt encompasses every demand of the tattoo enthusiast in New York, but does not limit it’s content to the region. Revisit us for a directory of tattoo and related shops in our area as well as an associated Wiki.

We are at this point a relatively new website and comparatively ad free aside from the occasional banner that promotes within our network of friends. We do not ask anything of our visitors other than to enjoy out content and maybe share a link here and there.

NYBodyArt has been live since November of 2010, and has already lined up and conducted interviews with top names in the industry such as models Hattie Watson and Sharon TK and photographers Chris Ewers, Vincent Skeltis and Viva Van Story.

We are more than happy to receive e-mails from visitors for any reason at all, including inquiries for a featured article or interview, so don’t be shy about it. Please visit us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

General inquiries: [email protected]

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