Alternative & tattoo models

Candice by Jammi York

Candice may just get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and we’re not sure whether that’ll be down to her sexiness or scariness. In this moody bondage shoot, she’s letting you into the secret of her dark-side. Covered in an assortment of tattoos, she’s set to reel you in, but don’t get too close otherwise she may just bite. Photographer: Jammi York Model: Candice

Ayesha by Erin Elizabeth Kelly

Ayesha H is fun with a fondness for being collared. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her on an amazing shoot and just felt the need to share her sophisticated sexiness which hosts an amazing tattoo down her rib. Let us know in the comments what you think of her. Photographer: Erin Elizabeth Kelly. Model: Ayesha H at Mode London.

Yok Jade

Photographers: Di natdao saeaung Tarathip Makeup: NyS Makeup & Photography

Mynxii White and Jack Cash

Photos by Yero Brown Models: Mynxii White Jack Cash

Exxxotica Expo 2011 Recap

NY Body Art has been away for a minute, but now that we’re back, allow me to orient you to our new platform. In conjunction with VAR Magazine (December 2011 release), NY Body Art will now be the source in up close interviews and reports on the people inside counter-culture . We’re moving beyond editorials about some guy or girl’s killer tattoo and going right to the artists, musicians, hipsters and tastemakers who are guiding