Between Proximity and Evolution Miko Lim Finds Enlightenment

A Rare Interview Over Thousands of Miles This issue of VAR Magazine ‘s double cover features Alysha Nett , shot by famed fashion photographer Miko Lim, and a portrait of Sharon TK and Johnnie Valdes , snapped by the acclaimed Steve Prue . On the heels of the birth of his second child, Miko Lim agreed to speak with us from across many miles. He has been living in Tokyo for the past few months, and working tirelessly both in his art , and at

Candice by Jammi York

Candice may just get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and we’re not sure whether that’ll be down to her sexiness or scariness. In this moody bondage shoot, she’s letting you into the secret of her dark-side. Covered in an assortment of tattoos, she’s set to reel you in, but don’t get too close otherwise she may just bite. Photographer: Jammi York Model: Candice

Family Party at Red Rocket Tattoo

A Grand Re-opening and New York Tattoo Convention Celebration In my wealth of personal experience, a party is supposed to consist of a few hazy memories, a couple of mysterious bruises, more than a couple ill-advised text messages and, if all went well, an awkward morning. Instead, on May 19th in their Manhattan based shop , Red Rocket Tattoo threw a party that reaffirmed my love for the ink embedded demographic that I so proudly belong

Silvano Fiato

Like the Michaelangelo of body art , Silvano Fiato ’s tattoos are hyper realistic and perfectly drawn. He might be one of the best tattoo artists you’ve ever seen, and that he is from Italy only emphasizes the similar distinction he shares with a great Renaissance artist. The likeness of his portrait tattoos to their subjects are done with such exactitude that you might think the tattoo was a sticker on somebody’s arm except somehow, unobtrusively, he manages to

VAR Magazine: An Email from the Editor (unedited)

Originally, I only planned to send this to my staff. I planned to have this fixed, edited, and distributed as an article. But I’ve changed my mind. I’m not a writer, but I felt that it would be more authentic to share it with all of you, free from edits but true to my heart. Please take the time to read through my thoughts and allow me to share with you my vision

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