From Italy via Holga: Ilaria Pozzi by Corrado Dalcò

Corraldo Dalcò, born in Parma, Italy, has a strong background in Graphic Design, and interestingly, presents a powerful off-beat vision. In these photos that Corradò was kind enough to provide us with, he uses a simple lo-fi Holga Camera, which allows him to translate his artistic vision for this particular shoot into reality: a faded world, as if his photos were fragmented memories from something that happened far, far ago.

Things get even more interesting, however, when Ilaria Pozzi, a piercer and alternative model, becomes a model of Dalcò. She’s served as canvas for brilliant artists such as Ste p., from Pinker (Genoa), Mallo and Koke , from La Bottega by Tatuaggi (Rome), Carlo Fast Color, Krooked Ken and KeelHauled Mike, from Blackanchor (Denton MD USA), Satoru Koizumi and Yoichi from Oneshoot (Okinawa JP), Piero Walle, from Araba Fenice (Rome), and last, but not less important, Rothe and Ronnie Lanahan, from Nameless (Ferndale MD USA).

Dalcò’s words only re-instils what is already obvious to fans of his work when you admire Ilaria’s beauty and distinctive look,

I had never photographed a body so beautiful, full of signs that mark the personality of her, and you never know what to watch: each sign on her body has a story.

During our talks with Carrado about this set, he passes along the message that our featured model Ilaria wants to express

thanks to all the tattoo artists that have tattooed me, and of course, Dalcò, for his stunning work of art.

We’re also thankful for Ilaria and Dalco for providing us and our visitors with this great set of photos.

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