Tattoo by Thomas Hooper

English-born Thomas Hooper may have studied at the London Institute of Art & Design, but he’s ours now, practicing at the famed New York Adorned tattoo studio. New York tattoo enthusiasts such as yourself are not surprised that we would feature his work on NYBodyArt. Easily one of the best tattoo artists known in New York, he’s hardly a secret. At close glance his work resembles pointilism, a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image. You have to appreciate the complex precision. Hooper’s unequivocal style is frequently geometric, which he sometimes combines with a kind of organized chaos. We can hardly do his work justice with just four images. The pieces featured here can be seen on his blog titled Meditations in Atrament.

  • hooper_4
  • hooper_5
  • hooper_6
  • thomas_hooper
  • thomas_hooper_2

About Danny

Daniel Michel is the owner and founder of NY Body Art. New York born and bred, and originally from Spring Valley, he has lived for years at a time in every borough in the City and has no plans to move anywhere else. As a tattooed tattoo enthusiast, he founded NY Body Art in January of 2011 as a resource focusing on his two greatest loves.

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