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Candice by Jammi York

Candice may just get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and we’re not sure whether that’ll be down to her sexiness or scariness. In this moody bondage shoot, she’s letting you into the secret of her dark-side. Covered in an assortment of tattoos, she’s set to reel you in, but don’t get too close otherwise she may just bite. Photographer: Jammi York Model: Candice

Ayesha by Erin Elizabeth Kelly

Ayesha H is fun with a fondness for being collared. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her on an amazing shoot and just felt the need to share her sophisticated sexiness which hosts an amazing tattoo down her rib. Let us know in the comments what you think of her. Photographer: Erin Elizabeth Kelly. Model: Ayesha H at Mode London.

Pinup Provocateur Viva Van Story

If you don’t know Viva Van Story , I’m afraid that you’ve been missing out. Get to know the outrageously talented pinup photographer from New Jersey, renowned for her work across the world, especially New York and New Jersey, as she recently took some time out to answer some questions from us. Funny enough, as I met Viva Van Story her enthusiasm for this interview had me wondering just what type of interview we’d be in

Bridget Blonde by Simon Gentry

Simon Gentry is a fashion photographer originally from Britain, now based in New York. His vivid style has seen him travel the world and even grace this very site in a shoot that featured Hattie Watson, who we were lucky enough to interview . The work we’ve selected today features the alternative model Bridget Blonde . To see some more of Simon Gentry’s portfolio, check out his website here.