Logan Aguilar: The Portrait Master

It’s easy to see a specialty emerge when flipping through some of Logan Aguilar‘s work; this dude is a goliath of the facial portrait. His vigorous attention and incredible level of detail show plainly on every one of his finished pieces. It is a testament to one’s character to be able to undergo the grueling and painstaking process of near-perfect representation. Logan doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Aguilar believes that the face relies on three factors to be accurately portrayed: particular attention to the mouth, nose, and eyes. Much of today’s facial recognition technology uses this triangulation of distinct characteristics as a backbone for positive detection. Humans simply find their jaws on the floor when exposed to such artistically magnificent work. Evident in his work are the years spent honing his skills. Such dedication has paid off greatly for him.

Photorealism” is almost too imprecise a word to describe Logan’s particular strength. Logan is a firm believer that art imitates life. He is appreciative of the creator’s art in the natural world and draws on some of this in his work. He laments when explaining “mother nature can create perfect rose after perfect rose” while his hands may only “interpret their beauty.”

Aguilar began tattooing at the age of 14 in New York. After a very successful six years in Florida, picking up many accolades and awards for his art along the way, Logan has found the path back home an easy one. It is actually in Florida where he developed his affinity and prowess for portraits. Logan applies his open-mindedness and skills to customers as the lead tattooist at Venus Modern Body Arts in New York City.

Some of his best work is in black and grey, although he has overcome preconceived limitations to bring us an excellent array of full-color work with a feel representing the more imaginative and whimsical side of his creative self. If beauty is found in something done well, Logan Aguilar is a master of his craft.

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