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About Nick

Nick Hanekom aka Sputnick is a writer and photographer. He has been documenting urban arts and lifestyle trends since 2004.

American Icon Mike Giant

Mike Giant is to body art what Kurt Vonnegut is to counter-cultural literature: an American icon who plays by his own rules. Over the years Giant has inked every surface imaginable; from back alley walls to exclusive track bikes, sunglasses to skin and everything in between. His black line style, along with his reputation on the street, is instantly recognized yet he remains humble and connected to his roots. For Mike Giant, life is filled with simple

Mike Giant Dead Girl

Tattoo Artist Jess Versus

The exceptionally versatile Brooklynite Jess Versus has established herself securely on the web, raking up numerous photo sessions published online. More importantly, she’s a seasoned tattoo artist , model and burlesque performer. Well known around her way, Jess has a killer personal style that is expressed in her tattoos , graphic design and illustrations. One need only visit one of her numerous online pages (including flickr & tumblr ) to get an idea of what she’s about – but

Tattoo-a-thon for a Children’s Hospital

If only the daily news pages were filled with more positive stories like the one of Wild Bill’s Tattoo charity tattoo-a-thon that took place over the weekend. In total $15,500 in charity funds were raised by profits gained from tattooing and piercing close to 100 clients in the space of a regular business day. The Roseville, California studio, owned Bill Hill also sold merchandise and gift certificates to raise funds for UC Davis