Bassist Jennifer Arroyo Talks Tattoos & Life in Brooklyn

Jennifer Arroyo is best known for her impressive skills on the bass, and she certainly has made quite the name for herself in the Metal music scene. Remarkably, she began touring at just 14 years of age, playing with bands such as Open Defiance, Spine, and KItte. As the current bassist for Suicide City and Demilitia, Jennifer has now returned to her New York roots and when she isn’t rocking out on stage, she is running her own production company, Jenncity Productions, where she can be found DJ-ing or hosting parties. If there are two things that go together, it’s tattoos and rock stars, and Jennifer is no exception. I recently caught up with Jennifer and had the chance to speak with her about her killer body art, which is just as creative and interesting as her approach to music is.

Originally from Staten Island, and having traveled the world with bands such as Spine from DC and Canadian band Kittie, you have finally come back home to be in Suicide City. Although you still maintain busy traveling, hosting, and performance schedules, how does it feel to be back home?
I definitely consider myself very blessed but, It’s always nice to be HOME. There’s no place like NYC, especially my home in Brooklyn.

Although, I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 3 years myself, in Bushwick actually, let’s say I was an out-of-towner. Where would we go if I only had one night to be impressed?
Nice, ahh.. Really depends on what you are into. There are soooo many great places to eat, drink and cause trouble..
Surf Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is one of my favorite joints to hit up.. It’s a straight up island bar with sand on the ground, AMAZING drinks and good menu. Killer for brunch!

If you dig old school arcade games, I would take them to Barcade. I love this place, different beers to try and all the video games you played when you were a lil fart dreaming of your first tattoo. 😉

Another great joint is Elote. LEGIT Mexican food with an outdoor patio.. The owners rock and they boast many types of tequila and have some of the best margaritas I have EVER had.

For all the vegetarians & vegans out there, Foodswings is THE place to check out. It’s Vegan comfort food.. yes, you heard me right.They have a vegan version of the KFC Double Down that will blow your socks off. Then top it off with a non-milkshake and waddle home.

Photos: Michele Santomauro

You’ve been featured in Rock/Metal magazines such as Kerrang and Revolver just to name a few. You’re hot and covered in tattoos; so have you been approached or featured by any tattoo magazines?
Right on. Thanks for the kind words. I have. I was in a kick ass 6 page spread in Urban Ink Magazine, along with a great interview.. I’m working on awesomeness down the line for 2011.

I gotta ask you about the stars and flames on your naval. It looks like it’s only about half of the tattoo. What is the name of the artist who had the privilege to do that tattoo and what inspired it?
That piece was really inspired by my personality. I’m fun and fiery and it has my lucky number 13 in it. Konstantin Nossachev from out of the Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour in LA is the one that made that happen. He also re-did my Leopard Print on my right arm and the roses on both my arms, as well as some music script.Check him out online at He’s a great artist.

Do you know if he does guest spots here?
Not yet but, I will definitely hit him up about that.NY would LOVE his work..

I’d love to ask you about every tattoo you have, but I’m afraid we’d be discussing that for a quite awhile and you would be bored with me. So, how about you just tell me about your favorite tattoo and why that specific piece is your favorite?
I have two. I absolutely love my leopard print. I’ve seen it on others but, no one I’ve seen has quite like mine.. I also love my “Mom” tattoo. Her excitement and smile when she saw it was so very awesome. Sometimes I flip my arm over and say “Wow” Mom “Mom” Wow! She always gets a kick outta of it…

Haha, I have mom tattooed on my neck and her name tattooed on my forearm. She never said a word about them to me.
Haha, maybe you can do a handstand and show her your new “WOW” tattoo. 😉

How much of your work was done here in New York? Are there any tattoo artists in New York that you admire?
I have to be totally honest. I have not gotten a piece yet here in NYC since I’ve moved back. A lot of my work has been done while being out on the road and from when I lived in LA and Washington, D.C. I am on the hunt though and open to suggestion.

Which was your first tattoo and when did you get it done?
My first tattoo was done with a needle, some ink and a hair dryer motor on my right leg. Ghetto as all hell, and I love it! It was a piece that I drew up in class. It’s very special to me and signifies sweet and hard sides of me. I was 16 when I got it.

I quite enjoy stories like those.
It’s what went down! In fact, I got the rest of it finished the same way! I obviously learned that it’s not necessarily the way to go but, that’s the joy of being young and dumb.

Rock stars and tattoos are a timeless affair like teenage girls and push-up bras. You must have had the opportunity to meet some great tattoo artists. I always imagine that rock stars get free tattoos by the best tattoo artists on demand. Did you pay for all the work you’ve had done?
A lot of the work I do have has been free but, I tip very well… haha. I’ve been able to help out some great artists get the recognition that they deserve. It’s all about spreading the love.

Have all your tattoos been done by the same person, more or less?
Like I’ve mentioned before, I have had a lot of work done on the road.I do have an artist or two that I work with and go to, like Konstantin in LA, my homie Meg out of ColorWheel Tattoo/Full Effect Tattoo in Reading, PA. and like I mentioned before, since I am finally HOME in NY, I am on the hunt for a killer artist.. So, if that is YOU, hit me UP!

You can keep tabs on what Jennifer is up to via Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.  You can also check out Demilitia’s new EP (FOR FREE) here.

Got an artist suggestion for Jennifer?  Let her know in the comments section below.

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