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Tattoos, Sex, and Metal with Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld puts all other “rock stars” to shame. He not only looks the part, with his impressive tattoo collection, but he lives the part everyday. He has left a permanent mark on the hardcore metal scene, having sold more than 5 million albums with his band Biohazard . His success story doesn’t end with music, as he also boasts impressive success in the porn industry , on both the performance and management end. We recently

Bassist Jennifer Arroyo Talks Tattoos & Life in Brooklyn

Jennifer Arroyo is best known for her impressive skills on the bass, and she certainly has made quite the name for herself in the Metal music scene. Remarkably, she began touring at just 14 years of age, playing with bands such as Open Defiance, Spine, and KItte. As the current bassist for Suicide City and Demilitia , Jennifer has now returned to her New York roots and when she isn’t rocking out on stage, she is

Nature’s Ink

In today’s changing world, tattoos are less the permanent label of nonconformity they once were and have instead become another unexploited canvas in the performer’s portfolio. While many artists are choosing to “up the ante” with increasingly larger and impressive displays of unique and colorful body art, some are choosing to keep their identities off of their skin. When we asked experimental musician/performance artist Kevin Blechdom whether she already had or planned to