Nature’s Ink

In today’s changing world, tattoos are less the permanent label of nonconformity they once were and have instead become another unexploited canvas in the performer’s portfolio. While many artists are choosing to “up the ante” with increasingly larger and impressive displays of unique and colorful body art, some are choosing to keep their identities off of their skin.

When we asked experimental musician/performance artist Kevin Blechdom whether she already had or planned to have an inking she said, “No tattoos. I have a zillion freckles instead.”

Inked or freckled, Kevin is certainly one-of-a-kind.


About Danny

Daniel Michel is the owner and founder of NY Body Art. New York born and bred, and originally from Spring Valley, he has lived for years at a time in every borough in the City and has no plans to move anywhere else. As a tattooed tattoo enthusiast, he founded NY Body Art in January of 2011 as a resource focusing on his two greatest loves.

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